Happy Monday everyone. Sorry for the delay in posting, things have been a little bit crazy! I hope, however, to redeem myself by telling you about the launch of brand new magazine, The Simple Things, which will be out in early September. From the same stable as the rather lovely Mollie Makes, The Simple Things has been devised to celebrate ‘homemade values and simple living – from urban gardening to thrift store shopping, simple cooking and relaxed entertaining to collecting vintage finds’. What more could anyone want?! I of course, given the premise of JustALittleJoy, am very excited about this, and cannot wait to get my hands on their first issue. A little taster of what to expect below…

The Simple Things Magazine

The Simple Things Magazine

The Simple Things Magazine


Every year I promise myself I’m going to try making my own jam… and every year it never happens. Well this year, my friends, is going to be different. I have found just the thing to galvanize me into jam-making action – these lovely retro storage jars and pretty preserve labels from Hen & Hammock. The jars come in two sizes, the smallest of which (290ml) is perfect for storing homemade jam. Now I’ve got no excuse. Pictures of my perfect preserves to follow… um… shortly….

Hen and Hammock Jam Jars

Small glass storage jar (290ml), £3.00

Hen and Hammock jam labels

Pack of 16 self adhesive labels (four of each design), £4.90


I hate gift tags, they’re always too fussy and overpriced. It’s even worse at Christmas when I like to go for the minimalist ‘brown paper packages tied up with string’ vibe – there isn’t a simple, utilitarian gift tag in sight. Last year I resorted to trimming down large luggage tags, which worked well but was a bit of a faff. So, I am particularly delighted to discover Papermash‘s new boxed stamp set, which depicts a nice, straightforward gift label and can be thwacked down on some plain paper, without any fussing around. Perfect for stylish present wrapping at any time of year.