I’ve been noticing a newfound sense of boldness of late, which is, in part, due to the fact that I’ve just left the world of full time, grown up employment to go freelance. It’s an experience that’s so far proved to be both terrifying and liberating… but every day seems to offer a new lesson or discovery. One thing I’ve learnt is that shaking life up is good. (Quite a revelation for someone who has always been rather averse to change.) There are a lot of things that I thought were true of myself — immovable, concrete beliefs  that I reinforced every day through my words, thoughts and actions — which I’m realising are in actual fact not true at all! And reassessing them is proving to be a  gratifying process.

One (somewhat trivial) example: I believed, and happily told everyone, that  I didn’t like colour. Or pattern, or prints… anything not in keeping with a ‘pared-back’ or ‘soothing’ monochrome aesthetic. I mean, I liked it in other people’s homes, or on other people’s clothes. I even admired their panache! But it wasn’t for me — or that’s what I thought until recently, when I was cajoled into buying a bright pink cashmere jumper. Said jumper now sings out from a drawer full of boyish black and grey woollies like some mad, flamboyant tropical bird.  And I didn’t realise at the time, but it started something (other than the depletion of my freelance float as I gaily fritter it away on frivolous brightly hued clothing), because every time I wear it I feel happy. Just looking at it brings me joy. This, in a small way, has been quite an enlightening discovery.

It also leads me in nicely to the main point of this rambling post, which was supposed to be about A Rum Fellow‘s new Tribal Chairs. I should not like these, I really shouldn’t. I like grey, I like black, I like white. I like sober, streamline mid-century styling. I certainly should not condone the blasphemous act of reupholstering elegant modernist Danish designs with crazy Peruvian patterned textiles…

But I  kinda love them! I do! They’re bonkers and fun, and that’s reason enough to celebrate them. Here’s to a year filled with boldness and rebellion and colour and joy. I’m excited.

Tribal Chair Collection - A Rum Fellow-10 Tribal Chair Collection - A Rum Fellow-9 Tribal Chair Collection - A Rum Fellow-7 Tribal Chair Collection - A Rum Fellow-6 Tribal Chair Collection - A Rum Fellow-2 Tribal Chair Collection - A Rum Fellow-5

From £325.00,

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