This weekend, I visited Wilton’s Music Hall for the first time, to see their wonderful stage adaptation of The Great Gatsby. Wow – what a place! Even the beautiful images I posted back in March (see link) hadn’t prepared me for the magical atmosphere and the sheer sense of history that radiates from every corner. Almost everyone had come in their 1920s best – including the Wilton’s staff who were fabulous and friendly, drumming up excitement and adding to the sense of occasion.

The sell out run of The Great Gatsby has brought Wilton’s a bit of publicity, but they are still much in need of funding to keep this beautiful building going. One of the oldest surviving music halls in the world, the shell is (amazingly) in sound structural condition but essential maintenance is needed to keep the venue open, including major works on the roof, basement, soundproofing, ventilation and electrics.

Wilton’s fundraising initiative, or Capital Project, covers three phases of work, and they’ve just succeeded in raising the money for phase one, which commences this summer. The auditorium will be closed until early next year giving them plenty of time to focus on creating some exciting pop-up events in their hidden rooms throughout the bar and front of house area. In addition to funding phase two of their Capital Project, Wilton’s are also saving up for a new lighting rig which people can donate to specifically. This will enable them to put on even better productions.

If you haven’t yet visited, I suggest you get yourself down there pronto and find out what you’ve been missing out on (I’ve added a few really rubbish iPhone snaps below just to give you an idea). You can check out upcoming events and productions here, and find out more about how to get involved with fundraising here.

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