My suitcase is half packed, my hair is dripping wet, I have no idea where my passport is… and yet here I am, writing one last post before I head of to the Milano madness that is design week. Dedicated or what?

I thought I’d just give a little mention to All Lovely Stuff, who, since 2010, have been developing a collection of rather adorable wooden products that are designed to work well… and make you smile. What better way to get an easy, daily joy fix than by hanging up your coat on their ‘Moose on the loose’ coat hanger, checking yourself out in their ‘Bare face mirror’, dishing up your dinner with their grinning ‘Dinosaladservers’…. or placing your pans on their ‘Christ that’s hot!’ crucifix-shaped pot stand? Sorry for anyone that I might have offended with that last one. Anyway, great for kids and adults alike, these lighthearted products caught my eye… and I’m looking forward to seeing what other goodies All Lovely Stuff have in store for us in future. I particularly like the ‘Beesnees’ bee boxes pictured above – very sweet.

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