Hello there…

Well, I’m still feeling a bit shy about this… but welcome to my blog – a celebration of simple pleasures and beautiful things. I’ve started to realise that the ever-increasing pace of life sometimes makes it hard to enjoy the small stuff, to think creatively, or to open your eyes and notice something wonderful. So, I’ve started this blog to catalogue all the things I come across each day that bring me a little bit of joy. I work for a design magazine, so I’m in a good place to spot lovely products, but sometimes aesthetics just aren’t enough… in a world full of mass-produced rubbish, it’s nice to fill your world with stuff that evokes emotion, has meaning, or brings comfort. Whether it’s a good book, a home-cooked meal, a cosy cafe or a beautiful handcrafted find, I think that the little things in life can bring as much happiness as the big things. It’s just a case of learning to appreciate them. As Mahatma Gandhi once said ‘There is more to life than increasing its speed’, and I hope that in slowing down and sharing these things with you, I might bring you a little joy as well.

Many thanks for reading,

Tessa x

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